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Welcome to Jim's Cycle Across America Web Journal.  I wrote this journal daily as I cycled cross country from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.  It contains a diary of the trip, and includes pictures, information and things that I thought about along the way.

It was my intent to share some experiences, show some pictures, and perhaps philosophize on life in general.  I also show statistics and other information about the trip for those who like to see things like that.

This journal was made available to contributors who supporting my fundraising efforts for the Southington-Cheshire YMCAs Annual Support Campaign.  I am quite pleased that I exceeded my goal thanks to the generosity of many.  I thank all those who contributed. 

I also made it available to family and friends and encouaged my riding companions Nick Schroback and Tim Dearborn to do the same so people close to us could follow the trip. I also gave the link to this site to those along the way who helped us out and showed an interest in following our progress. And finally I provided the link to the Adventure Cycling Association so they can post the link to provide information to others planning a coast to coast ride.

Enjoy the log postings and share the adventure!


Jim Smith

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